Mapex Armory Snares

ARMORY SNARE DRUMS - A Great Addition To Your Arsenal

The Armory Snares are a line of drums designed to complement any style of playing.

This arsenal contains drums that can blow the roof off any venue when fired properly. Handle with care.

  • The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge (standard on all Armory wood shell models) allows drumhead to sit flat and tune effortlessly and respond with a stronger fundamental pitch.
  • The Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw- Off enables a quick, comfortable, and smooth operation and prevents snare wire tension changes during play.
  • The precision tooled Solid Steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant yet modern
  • The premium Stainless Steel Snare Wire with Brass End-Plates respond with a warm and crisp snap across a wide dynamic range.
  • The Remo® USA Coated Ambassador® Batter Head is a medium-weight, single-ply that produces a warm, open, and resonant sound with a fat attack.
    It is the player’s standard for all snare heads.