Artists Ben Carter


Ben Carter is the 'engine room' for the machine that is Evile.

A self-, no-nonsense drummer, Carter provides the aggression and fury required to drive the band's dominant thrash sound.

At age ten, Carter started playing drums using a bucket, an old Lego box and a pair of vintage 15 Paiste sizzle hats, whereby he instantly developed a natural aptitude for the instrument. His father bought him his first real kit aged 14 and Carter instantly found that he could be more articulate, spending hours after school playing with different bands and utilizing different styles.

Carter became the go-to guy for any drumming application at school and college, and turned his hand to any musical setting he could to gain as much experience as possible. This continued well into his 20's, with Carter playing with various tribute/rock acts and numerous originals bands of varying styles and dynamics.

Upon meeting Matt Drake at high school, the first incarnation of Evile was formed - Matt had similar musical interests, and also coming from a musical family, Carter and Drake started playing music together and soon started a band playing metal and thrash covers. Matt's younger brother Ol Drake also joined, and upon finding Mike Alexander, the lineup of what would eventually become Evile was complete.

Evile signed to Earache records in 2007, and to date have had 4 full-length album releases, the latest of which Skull entered the UK rock charts at #10. Carter has toured the world extensively with bands such as Megadeth, Kreator, Machine Head, and Overkill, and has worked alongside world-class producers such as Russ Russell and Flemming Rasmussen.

Carter has always cited a progression throughout his playing career, and through the 4 Evile albums has shown that he possesses an ability to not only drive the band, but also be tasteful and sympathetic in his playing, as heard in songs such as 'In Memoriam' (Five Serpents' Teeth, 2011 ) and 'Tomb' (Skull, 2013). Carter's ability to 'change down gears' and play with controlled aggression is trademark of his playing.

Ben Carter is also a vocalist, a guitarist and a bassist, but will always feel more at home sat behind a drum kit hammering home an almighty snare shot.

Away from the kit, Carter is a fan of UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, and an avid retro video game and 80's cartoon nerd.