Artists James May

Tek One, Hospitals, Dead Formats.

We met James at this year's Camden Crawl festival. Witnessing him beat the living daylights from the Mapex house kit had our attention caught, the Tek One team then roused the crowd to breaking point so we knew we have to get these guys on side.

We are at a bit of a loss to describe the Tek One sound so let's let the guys give you the background:

"We make music out of circuit bent childrens toys, broken keyboards, short-circuited toy amps, anything with AA batteries and a low bitrate that was built in Taiwan and designed to amuse a young child for 30 seconds. We keep them alive, and to thank us they produce alieatoric noises."

James as a player is all about energy, ensuring every performance is delivered with conviction, soul and passion. To watch he is a player we see so much commitment in it's hard not become engrossed in the show weather you love the music or not. James applies this to each project he works with, this currently includes pop/ punk stylista's The Dead Formats and forward thinking Hardcore band Hospitals.

Tek One are hitting the road this autumn so check out for a live date near you.