Artists Lawrence Patterson

Lawrence Paterson drums for Blaze Bayley. Drumming since the age of 15 he relocated from his native New Zealand to the UK to join the metal scene at its source. He has played for several signed and unsigned bands including Arbitrater, Shadowkeep and Chokehold before joining Blaze Bayley in 2007.

After several international live dates to "shake-down' the new lineup, including festival headliners in Spain, Russia and Croatia, Blaze Bayley recorded the album "The Man Who Would Not Die', released on 7 July 2008.

The accompanying "Tour That Will Not Die' kicked off in the UK and will visit at least 25 countries throughout Europe, South America, Scandinavia during 2008 and 2009. Currently, the tour is constantly expanding and there are plans to visit the Far East, Australasia and North America. A live DVD is being filmed in Switzerland for released in March 2009, a new album due in early 2010.