Artists Rees Bridges

Dirty Vegas, session.

Rees Bridges came straight out of school into the session music scene with a list of great artists already under his belt. Firstly filling the drum seat for local boys Glen Tilbrook and Jools Holland, then moving on to soul legends The Real Thing, Gino Washington and the late Edwin Starr for some UK dates.

Towards the late 90's Rees took a break from the session music scene to work on his own bands. However there were still a few jobs that were too good to pass up, TV work with the Sugarbabes, M People and Dannii Minogue.

In 2001 Rees had the chance to work with drum n' bass artists Shy FX and T Power acheiving Top 10 status, then with Dirty Vegas up to the present date, achieving a Number 1 in the States and a Grammy Award in 2003.

*Rees Bridges (drums) is officially the 2006 Worlds Fastest Drummer, while touring in the USA (Feb 2006) Rees entered and won "The W.F.D. Battle of the Hands with a staggering 1007 singles in 60 seconds.