Artists Roz Ison

Roz Ison // New Device

Nationality: British

Influences: Roy Mayorga, Vinnie Paul, David Silvera, Jason Bittner, Craig Blundell, Justin Scott


Twitter: @rozisondrums


Instagram: @rozison

Band/artists you play with: New Device / Smokin' Aces / Thank Abba For The Music, Swede Dreamz

Favorite Album: Audio Secrecy - Stone Sour

Favorite Band: Today it's Stone Sour!

Favorite Venue & why: Tricky one, I'd say Newcastle Academy is one. Always had a great time there, overtime and sounds huge on stage.

Current live/ studio studio set up:

Studio: Saturn V: 10"x7" 12"x8" 14"x12" 16"x14" 22"x20" kick or 22"x18" or 18"x14", Black Panther snares Machete/Black Widow

Live: Armory: 10"x7" 12"x8" 14"x12" 16"x14" 22"x18", Black Panther snares Machete/Black Widow

What are you listening to right now: The End Of Heartache - Killswitch Engage

Favorite Piece of gear: My Saturn V kick drums for sure!

Favorite Food: Pineapple

Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite Film: Alien

Favorite Book: 'Drum book', "Patterns" series by Gary Chaffee. 'Book book' "Seven Deadly Sins" - Corey Taylor

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Full Bio:

Greg ‘Rozzy’ Ison has been playing drums since he was 12 years old. Roz joined his first band not long after and quickly developed a passion for playing live.

After taking steps to become a full time professional drummer, on the degree course at London’s premier music school, Drumtech (now BIMM London) Roz joined his first touring band.

Roz now plays for one of the UK’s hardest working rock bands, New Device, who have been touring up and down the UK. New Device have also performed at various festivals, including Download, Sonisphere and High Voltage and played numerous support slots including main support for Bon Jovi at The O2 Arena London to over 20000 people.

New Device have recently released their 4th record, the 2nd in a 4 part series of releases scheduled for the next 12 months.