Artists Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a professional drummer and drum tutor from Leicestershire, UK.

Described as one of the most versatile, hardest working, powerful, energetic and entertaining drummers on the scene. Tim's unique playing style and flamboyant showmanship has developed since picking up the sticks at the age of eight.

He has been working as a pro drummer since 2000 and has recorded, toured and played with Don Airey (Deep Purple), Aynsley Lister, Easy Action, Vivid, Persian Risk, King King, The Garden, Maybe Grace, The Four Tops, Downtothebone, Nickolodeon to name a few. Tim is currently the drummer for Swedish guitar ace Kee Marcello and Alannah Myles.

Tim has also made a name for himself as one of the UK's top drum tutors .

Tim is the Co Founder of Drumbreaks events and has performs drum masterclasses and Clinics across the UK.