Artists peter precious

Peter Precious is a London College Of Music Examiner/Composer, successful Freelance Professional and busy Percussion teacher.

Peter regularly examines in Percussion, and other Music related areas, for the London College of Music. He also composes for the exam board, and has written many exam pieces, such as The Grade 8 Drum Kit piece, A Show Of Hands.

He has also regularly collaborated with the world renowned author Joel Rothman and contributed many ideas and exercises for inclusion in many of his Percussion Publications.

Peter is a successful Performer and has played in many Professional Shows, Classical Concerts and Jazz Gigs on both Percussion and Trombone.

He has also plays in many Professional Tribute Bands, such as The Evening Shadows for which he has played alongside original members of The Shadows.

Being skilled in all main Percussion instruments and also Trombone, has resulted in a successful, busy and rewarding professional playing career.

As a teacher, Peter regularly teaches over 100 weekly students across five schools in Surrey and Sussex.

He teaches Snare Drum, Drum Kit, Timpani, Tuned Percussion, Music Theory and Trombone from beginner to Diploma/Professional level.

He has a high standard of exam successes with all students, and has taught many students that have gone into become successful professionals. For example, Louie Palmer, who went on to study at Berklee College in the USA,and is now a successful LA based Session Drummer and teacher. In addition, Joshua Davis, who  passed two Grade 8 Percussion exams at the age of 12 years, and is now studying at The Purcell School Of Music.