Mapex Black Panther Collection Black Widow

Black Panther Collection kits have created huge waves in the drumming world since being unveiled, The Blaster, The Velvetone, The Retrosonic and now, prepare yourself for the dark, the menacing, the beautiful Black Widow. The collection grows, a new force drives it on.

The Mapex research and development team have taken traditional thin 5.1mm Maple shells and combined them with a centered bearing edge with rounded back-cut to produce a classic balance of attack, body, and warmth.  By increasing shell and drumhead contact, the edge profile limits unwanted overtones and produces a more rounded and centered tone.

Other features include; SONIClear™ tom suspension, SONIClear™ floor tom legs, low-contact bass drum claws, Memory Mark™ bass drum spurs, new style-badge and lug casing.

Don’t be fooled by its dark beauty…the Black Widow is a predator with a deadly bite.