Mapex Black Panther Collection Retrosonic

Looking back. Moving Forward.

The third powerhouse in the Black Panther collection is now here, everybody please welcome, the Retrosonic!

The first thing to notice about the new addition are the shells; hand selected, highly figured semi-gloss Walnut, beautifully dressed with the sleek and stylish Retrosonic tube lug which perfectly match it's snare drum inspiration. The finish and hardware combine to give a distinctive retro look but with undeniable contemporary quality.   

Sonic Saver hoops equip the shells to give that perfect balance between triple flanged and die cast tone whilst the bass drum is finished beautifully with matching Walnut rings.  

For the ultimate vintage tone, the toms are fitted with Remo Ambassador Suede Batter heads to give that bright attack and warmth, whilst the kick is adorned with a P3 Suede batter head and a striking antique BP logo display head.

This kit is available in one configuration only, 22x16, 12x8 and 16x16 (S1000 snare stand included for tom mounting).

Only 100 kits produced worldwide, we have 30 coming to the UK so don't hang around, find these timeless sets while you can! 

  • 8.1mm Pure Walnut shells
  • 1:9 Sharp bearing edges
  • Isolated Mounting System
  • Floating Spring Loaded Floor Tom Legs
  • Single-Point-of-Contact Lugs
  • 2.3mm Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Remo Ambassador Suede Batter Drumheads
  • Remo P3 Suede Batter Bass Drumheads
  • S1000 snare stand included