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Founded in the early 1980's, we have almost a quarter of a century of experience in developing and delivering relevant, high-quality courses for contemporary musicians. The Institute has pioneered the teaching methods, curriculum and philosophy that have become the benchmarks for contemporary music education. We pride ourselves on being able to offer modern musicians the kind of rigorous training that conservatoires have offered classical musicians for centuries. And of course our teaching faculty, perhaps our greatest asset, is unrivalled in the UK and probably anywhere in the world!

The Institute was the first to offer full time programmes for students of contemporary music, and we continue to innovate and develop our provision. This unrivalled experience means that our students acquire the techniques to express themselves, the tools to survive in the industry and the ability to continue to grow as their careers develop. And since we want to encourage musicians from all backgrounds and cultures to access our education, we have established a range of scholarship and bursary programmes, which are always in great demand and provide a great opportunity for talented and deserving students.

Our students experience more class time, in smaller groups, than other schools, enabling them to effectively benefit from our inspiring and challenging teaching methods. At all times, we are focused on the needs and goals of the individual; as musicians we are all on a personal journey to unlock our potential and here at the Institute, we aim to help you nurture and develop your own unique voice. And this interest and care doesn't stop once you graduate; we work hard to make sure our alumni continue to benefit from the many opportunities that come our way.

So what about our name? This also needs a little explanation! First, the school was originally founded as the Guitar Institute and Basstech, and focused exclusively on training and developing guitarists and bassists. Although we rarely use the Basstech name now, many students may not be aware that the Basstech is indeed a part of our school, and we continue the rich heritage of bass teaching and bass courses that began many years ago.

Of course, when we began delivering drum and vocal courses, and expanded into the areas of music business and technology, singer/songwriter courses and more, we needed a new name, and as a result the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance was born, or ICMP for short! We think our name now clearly represents what we are - a leading centre of contemporary music education, development and training, focusing on the needs and careers of a wide range of aspiring musicians and creative artists.