News Steve White Retrosonic Tour

Every drummer picks up their first pair of sticks with a desire to emulate something they have just seen or heard. We imitate, emulate and impersonate our heros with a desire to be as good one day. 

In these times of over saturated media exposure it can be hard to find your inspiration when at every turn we are told who should be the latest, hottest one-to-watch. 

The Antidote to this comes in the form of the Steve White Retrosonic tour.
Steve is a firm believer of looking back to move forward and holds close to his heart some of historys greatest drummers which have helped him form his musical voice, he is here to celebrate influences that have not only shaped him but contemporary music as we know it. 

The tool for this tour is the Black Panther Retrosonic, a concept drum kit that has followed the same path, referencing the past whilst embracing todays technological advances to become something that excels all by being the finest product of both.

If your looking for musical guidance to help you on your drumming journey or simply love the greats that showed us how to groove then make sure you get along to one of these UK dates to spend some time with a modern music icon.


2nd July Rhythm Base Glasgow
Contact: 0141 429 3799

3rd July Drum Shop Gateshead
Contact: 0191 418 7113

4th July Drum Centre Manchester
Contact: 0161 789 4415

9th July Professional Music Technology Birmingham
Contact: 0121 359 5056

10th July Sound Attak Colchester
Contact: 01708 478 450

11th July Absolute Music Poole
Contact: 01202 597180