Reviews Music Radar Falcon Pedal Review

Music Radar review Falcon Direct Drive

"The difference between spring and direct drive is a bit like hitting a punchbag while wearing boxing gloves to then going bare-knuckle - you can't beat the feel and closeness but a mistime could leave you wincing in disbelief.

Both of the pedals responded to our footwork instantly and executed everything fluidly and seamlessly. The double pedal felt perfectly balanced, to the extent that it was genuinely difficult to tell the two sides apart.

They were also incredibly quiet - when not connected to a drum, the zen-like silence in which they performed was at odds with their frantic movement.

Direct-drive pedals are definitely in vogue at the moment. Behind the trend is the fact that such pedals can offer a superior feel and action over their spring-driven counterparts; if you've got smooth technique then a direct-drive pedal can feel as though it's not there."

Pro's - Smooth, powerful response. Very quiet (when not connecting with a drum).

Con's - Can be unforgiving if your technique lacks control.

VERDICT - The direct drive option makes what is already a great pedal even more desirable.

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