Reviews Music Radar Black Meridian Maple Review

Music Radar Check out Meridan Maple as it's launched into the UK Market

"Like the toms, the bass drum seemed keen to deliver a big sound. Though only sporting a single-ply batter head (with a built-in muffling ring) the kick delivered impressive slabs of bottom end.

At mid-tunings it didn't possess a huge amount of attack ahead of its deep rumble. Slackening off the heads considerably brought more of a slap that gave it a real punch. Wide open, it had a naturally dry air with a pleasing decay, while applying a small amount of dampening focussed its sound. Bringing the tuning up encouraged the drum to project further, but some of its low-end was diluted in the process.

The snare drum also put in a strong performance, cutting brightly through figures with ease. At mid to lower tunings its crisp attack was augmented by a fat note. At higher tunings some of its inherent grunt was obscured by its bite, but the drum's authority remained unaffected."

Pro's - Provides a simplified set of options in Mapex's mid-range. An impressive all-rounder.

Con's - It's up against some stiff competition

VERDICT - Although there is certainly no shortage of competition in this highly competitive sector of the market, the Meridian maple kit is well appointed, performs impressively and deserves your consideration.

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